Let Go to Get More

general health Feb 07, 2023


Koshima is a monkey.  He’s hungry, impatient, and completely focused on finding something to eat.

He happens across a box that has a delicious banana awaiting consumption.  He reaches into a small hole, grabs the banana, but realizes the hole isn’t large enough for both his hand and the banana to exit the box.

For the next few hours, Koshima fights with the box, making many attempts to extricate both his hand and the banana, but he just won’t let the banana go.

Michael D’Santi (Drop The Banana) wrote a simple and inspiring children’s book for his godson, Rocco.  But how apt is this story for the rest of us.

As entrepreneurs, we find ourselves hungry, impatient, and completely focused on finding things to eat, just like Koshima.  Perhaps its a solution to an issue, a new strategy, an untapped market, a “brilliant” idea, or most commonly, getting everything done.

But we are like Koshima in a more poignant way.  We refuse to let go of the bananas that have our hand stuck in the box.


What Koshima learns is that if he were to simply let go of the one banana, he’d have access to thousands of bananas a bit further down the path.  In spite of his fear, he musters a bit of courage and trust, lets go of the banana, and finds himself in a world of new opportunities.

In what box is your hand currently stuck because you’re simply unwilling to let go?

This couldn’t be a more perfect analogy for delegating to elevate yourself.  


A client recently shared how tracking the time he spent resolving IT issues added up to far more than the five hours per month he had previously convinced himself of.  He’s the founder and CEO of his company. IT was the box within which he was stuck, preventing him from spending the majority of his time formulating new opportunities for the business.

Perhaps our most important job as entrepreneurs is to acknowledge when our hands are stuck. This week, spend some time thinking about the things you’re holding on to that keep you from moving forward.

Just like Koshima, in spite of your fear, muster up some courage to simply let it go.

Just like Koshima, you’ll see the thousands of bigger and better opportunities in front of you.


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