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Set your goals, plan your week and accomplish your daily tasks ten-fold

No doubt, when Friday rolls around you’re left reviewing your week, often realizing you could have been far more productive. This isn't just a frustrating experience. It's likely having a direct impact on your business and the results you want to achieve.


The 5 reasons your week controls you


1) Dropped tasks: Forgetting important tasks

2) Lack of direction: Progress is a circuitous path with little result

3) Too much busyness: Sprinting but getting nowhere

4) Inescapable distraction: Drive-bys & the “urgent” consume attention

5) Distant dreams: Striving to get there someday, but it never really arrives


The cost? 

Low Productivity

High Stress


It doesn't have to be this way

I discovered the Full Focus Planner System five years ago and have not only grown my business 7X but also have more time, clarity and fulfillment than ever before.

Capabilities the Full Focus Planner system provides (to name a few):

A central storehouse for all of life’s pursuits vs just parts of it

- Confidence in worthwhile goals through a rigorous process of defining the right ones

- Crystal clear priorities by defining what’s truly important vs urgent

- Consistent accountability leveraging a “top 3” framework for any time period

- Actionable plans make my goals a reality vs a pipedream



Don't just set goals — conquer them

As a Full Focus Planner Certified Pro, I want to help you and your team create time, clarity and fulfillment.

In our Full Focus Planner Program, you and your team will:

- Learn the core concepts of the Full Focus Planner System

- Define clear goals for the year and quarter that drive monthly & weekly priorities

- Integrate all of life into a singular planning tool

- Leave with the confidence to accomplish each and every goal you set for yourself

The Details

Convenient Access

A private, half-day webinar
so everyone can participate from anywhere

Complimentary Resources

All participants receive a complimentary Full Focus System Program Workbook and Guidebook

Flexible Scheduling

Convenient scheduling for you and your team so it fits your schedule


I get it

After 25 years of owning and managing entrepreneurial businesses, I’ve lived through some of the brightest days and darkest nights. I’ve learned owning and operating a business requires a level of fitness well beyond the day-to-day tasks that demand attention. The stamina required to scale rocky peaks, navigate dark valleys and reach your pinnacle is not achieved without the right people, process and priorities.

– Preston True
Founder, Get TPA Fit

Take your productivity and fulfillment to the next level

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